Paw to Hand

Balanced Companions

We are leaving a different kind of paw print


Our Services
are designed to
find the direction and guidance
that balance the relationship
between you and your
companion - conveniently at your home and your environment to get the results you are looking for

Our Services


The Team

The Behavior

The Training

  1. Find The Direction
    We are here to figure out the dynamics of the relationship with your companion and to make the necessary adjustments and changes for an all around easy life with your pet. You tell us what you need and we will assist you in getting it done. Our goal is - to teach you"HOW" to bring out "The Best" in your furry family member and to give you an inside into the "WHY" of behavior and training.
  2. Balance your Relationship
    Your Relationship with your Companion is based on Trust and Guidance. There are boundaries to be set and followed. This is a learning experience for the both of you. Success comes through mutual respect and love.
  3. Become a Team
    Learn how to read each others body language and discover each others needs. Become the team and family that takes you a step ahead, so you will be welcomed and admired everywhere.
  4. Your Home - Your Environment
    Your Home
    We are coming to your home - the most important environment to establish a good relationship between you, your companion and your whole family. This is where it all starts. We help to eliminate unwanted behavior and set the milestone for good manners.
  5. Get Results
    We are giving you the tools, the understanding and the knowledge to accomplish all your goals. It takes patience and consistency to work towards that. We are making it fun to get there - and you and your four legged friend will be rewarded with a great companionship.