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The Training

  •    Choosing the "right puppy"

We help you chose the breed and personality that is perfect for your lifestyle and environment. If you chose to aquire a young puppy through a breeder or feel more comfortable in adopting a more mature rescue, we assist you in temperament and social evaluation. This also includes, getting your home ready for your new family member and giving recommendations regarding handling and eqippment as well as food, treats and toys.

  •    Puppy Management Training

Now you have your puppy at home and what?!?! This training will teach you the basic disciplines required to promote manageable behavior in and around the home in a playful, rewarding manner and to enhance the young dog's receptiveness to future training. Part of this program is bite inhibition, food guarding inhibition, crate training, housebreaking and leashbreaking, combined with the first steps to "sit" and "down" commands.

  •   Basic Training (Obedience)

This course is designed for companions of all ages and gives you the insight of how to shape your friends behavior through positive reinforcement and guidance with patience and consistancy. You both will learn the basic obedience commands (audible and visual) in a way that makes it easy and fun to follow through. Observing and learning K9 adequate body language and use it to your advantage is another goal of this course. You will go on happy walks!

  •   Advanced Obedience Training

This course is building upon the foundation of the "Basic Training" with the emphasis on off-leash training. It is a deepening of all the commands that are already known and advances to mostly visual comands. This encourages the student companion to have attention on his handler/owner at all times. An undistracted, well behaved canine companion is a lot safer and  welcome everywhere.

  •    Behavior Modification (Problem Solving)

OMG - we got a problem with the puppy, what now? Well, this usually goes both ways. Whatever the "bad" behavior is, we will be looking for the cause; because in general our companions like to please us. When we have determined the cause we will start to make necessary adjustments on the Owners side and at the same reshaping the dogs behavior. In Trainer terms: the attempted alteration or elimination of an undesirable behavior pattern, and/or retraining as necessary to improve or modify the dog's performance. (And it does not have to be particuarly as bad as the picture).

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