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The Time schedules

  •    Single Session

We offer single sessions and/or consultations for the owner that just has a single problem with his pooch and wants some 'fast' advice. Even though not very effective for an inexperienced dog lover, some just need a potty training schedule or - for the dog - just not to bolt the door. Advice is fast but the training still will take longer. There usually is not a "quick-fix". This session is limited to 90 min.

For determination of Services, Programs and Packages, we consider it necessary to perform an evalution of your pet during an initial consultation for a set fee. This will take place at your home with all dog handlers present and consists of a behavior profile and companionship analysis.

  •    Package I

consists of a total of 3 sessions at a max. of 70 min. each; and is available to be scheduled any time at your convenience. The perfect package for the 'puppy search' and home and wellness preparation for your new puppy. It is also recommended for housebreaking and leashbreaking issues. Solutions for minor behavior problems and an initial start-up training could be possible depending on the companion team.

  •   Package II

consists of a total of 6 sessions at a max of 60 min./each, preferably 1 session per week. This package comes in handy if your companion already had some training experience or for the committed and devoted pet owners that get things done fast during the Basic Training. It suits the Puppy Management Training to get started on the basic behavior shaping.

  •   Package III

consists of a total of 12 sessions at a max of 60 min./each, preferably 1 session per week. This offers the time frame for thorough reviews of past lessons and to work on small Behavior Issues. It gives you the time to train and learn with your companion in the Basic Training and to get a better understanding of the dynamics in your relationship with your companion. It is recommended for the Advanced Obedience Training and for substantial Behavior Modification. 


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