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The Trainer Team

Hi, I am Birgit Scholz,
Owner and Head Trainer of Balanced Companions.
I have professionally been training companion dogs and coaching clients since 2002.
My initial education and knowledge was aquired through Matthew Margolis Dogtraining Institute in Los Angeles.
In my early twenties, I found my calling in the wellbeing of people as a Personal Health and Fitness Trainer and developed valuable people and communication skills.
Born and raised in the country side in Germany, I grew up filled with the love for farm and pet animals.
I and my husband came to the United States in our early thirties and I started to miss my furry friends from childhood. That is why I started to work as a Veterinary Assistant and Technician.
Handling those dozens of breeds of dogs with their different characters and personalities let me discover that we were responding to each other in special ways.
This has brought me to my passion of dog/companion training. I further studied dog psychology and behavior and various training methods at every opportunity that was available and deepened my knowledge through practical experience. 
Today, I can say that dogs come in the same variety of personalities as people; and this
profession is always good for a surprise. Experience in analyzing - and the understanding of our dogs' behaviors and their motivations are the keys to being a dog trainer.
There is no "one size - fits all" principle; that is why I personalize and individualize my services to my clients. I am bilingual and can train your dog in German.
I believe that companion training is a learning experience for owner and dog. Understanding the dynamics, instincts and body language of your furry friend are the cornerstones to that partnership. With guidance, consistancy, patience and lots of love and fun you will bring out the Best in each other.

I also want to introduce my assistant "Yukon" - my Siberian Husky - that's right. He is in charge of teaching favorable social behavior to his fellow furry friends of all ages. He also does that with patience and gentleness.

So - what are you waiting for?

                             Happy Dog Days





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